Natural Kitchen’s Superclean Quinoa & Chicken

Making a salad may be time consuming but it is great fun!

Here is our formula for making yummy salads:

  1. Start with the freshest possible ingredients. Holland is the best country importing leaves in the UAE. Widely available in Supermarkets. Remember that you can use different types of vegetables – grilled (to add smokiness), pickled for a funky & fermented note or just raw (natural).
  2. Love your leaves!Leaves are fragile so wash and drythem gently. Kale must always be massaged for around 2-5 minutes to make the leaves softer. You will also notice the kale will turn into a vibrant green color after the massage.
  3. Have a base. If you want the salad to be a meal instead of a side dish you must have a base – usually whole wheat rice or pasta, organic quinoa, organic cous cous or just a really big portion of mixed leaves. We mix 4 different types of leaves on our mixture.
  4. Use high quality protein! You can buy chicken for 8 dhs per kilo or 21 dhs per kilo. You can have salmon that is frozen or salmon flown in fresh (chilled) from Norway. We always choose the latter!
  5. Balance nutrition! Don’t forget to include all the essential nutrition. Obviously the vegetables and leaves are best for your nutrients, vitamins and low calories!
  6. Chicken, salmon, tofu, white fish, nuts and eggs are the richest sources of protein.Different types of cheese for a good dose of calcium and use sweet potatoes, beans, lentil and whole wheat pasta / rice for your crabs fix!
  7. The dressing is everything! Without the dressing, your salad is just a bowl of vegetables! Start by using high quality oil. We use rapeseed oil, considered to be the healthiest oil in the world. Unfortunately, it isn’t widely available in the UAE so we import it from Europe. You can find it in Supermarkets in small bottles but it is very expensive!
  8. BE CREATIVE! Don’t play by the rules. There’s nothing worst than a boring salad. We use ACTUAL LIME LEAVES in one of our dressings, we mix organic whole wheat rice with organic quinoa and use that as a salad base, we serve our popular Salmon Quinoa salad with a spicy honey mustard dressing instead of just simply lemon juice and olive oil, we use WHOE CRANBERRIES to make the dressing for our Natural Protein Load salad. Don’t be afraid to experiment!